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Set in a world that looks like it could have been dreamed up by Dr. Seuss. Because it was.

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Watch With the Kids: 6+ Common Sense Media: 7+ Ty Burr: 5+

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It’s pretty seriously weird. Even creepy at times. In the dream world Bart’s mom and his dog turn against him. In the elevator to the dungeon, a guard sings about the tortures that await on each floor. This movie is unlikely to improve the motivation of children ambivalent about their piano lessons.

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The idiotic cockeyed flumdummery

Unsuccessful both commercially and critically, and disowned (as a “debaculous fiasco”) by Dr. Seuss himself, The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T remains beloved by fans of the cinema of camp and the bizarre. Seuss’ imagination may have simply been too big for Hollywood to handle; his first script reportedly came in at 1,200 pages (ten times normal length). Staircases to nowhere. Five hundred boys playing a single giant piano. A pair of twins on rollerskates, conjoined at the beard. Featuring the brilliant Hans Conreid as the mad Dr. Terwilliker (namesake of The Simpsons’ Sideshow Bob). The song he sings while dressing, calling for his “polka-dotted dickie with the crinolin fringe” is a positively Seussian delight. Already over budget, the film was drastically edited by the studio after early previews, which reports say frightened small children. (Several deleted songs have been restored on a collector’s soundtrack album.) If you watch this with your kids your family will have a lot to talk about. —Chris Ereneta

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