The Pitch

Gelfling Jen, the last of his race, must find the missing shard of the Dark Crystal before the three suns converge.

Age Recommendations

Watch With the Kids: 7+ Common Sense Media: 7+

Content Advisories

Fighting and fantasy violence. Some killing. Small creatures are bound and drained of their essence with big needles. The main characters’ faces are expressionless rubber.

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A One-of-a-Kind Fantasy Classic

The primary failure of Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal is one that children will mostly overlook. Puppet technology in 1982 wasn’t up to the task of creating human-like faces for the Gelfling protagonists; as a result our heros often seem like lifeless, glass-eyed dolls. All around them, though, are fascinating creatures populating a distinctive fantasy world. Conceptual artist Brian Froud’s vision has endured to the present, in a bestselling series of Dark Crystal graphic novels. Budding fans of fantasy won’t want to let this one pass them by. —Chris Ereneta

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