The Pitch

A terrifically silly introduction to the Fab Four.

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Content Advisories

The casual 1960s British colonial racism is kind of a problem, but most kids won’t recognize it when they see it. The comedic premise of the film centers on ritual human sacrifice.

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I Wanted a Bed in the Floor Just Like John's

It’s true that director Richard Lester and The Beatles invented the modern music video with A Hard Day’s Night. But that earlier film can also be harder to parse for kids unaccustomed to the accents. With Help! (in which the lads are hounded by members of a bumbling Kali cult), Lester was less concerned with The Beatles’ brand image than he was with the kind of slapstick and absurdist non sequiturs he had employed working with Peter Sellers and the members of The Goon Show. As a kid my brother and I adored it. You can see in this film the template for The Monkees—this feels more like a Monkees movie than Head does—and even inklings of Monty Python. Plus when the songs do kick in, they’re kind of impossibly great. —Chris Ereneta

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