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The Beatles embark on a cartoon adventure under the sea. (Where else, would you imagine?)

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I remember being freaked out a little by the Blue Meanies and their minions. But I was really young.

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A Psychedelic Voyage to Pepperland

Today's children have access to a wide range of visual styles in the animation they consume, but when I was growing up there was nothing that looked anything like Yellow Submarine (for which we can thank art director Heinz Edelmann). Even if your kids are too young to tell the Beatles apart, or to get the many in-jokes and asides, every few minutes there's another great song, or something totally new on screen to see. Kids may tune out during “Only A Northern Song” (I was still taking a bathroom break as a teenager during that one). Those with very young children can expect to receive multiple requests to play the songs “Yellow Submarine” and “All Together Now” on their phones. The latest digital restoration is so clean and colorful it looks like the movie was made yesterday. (If your kids are new to The Beatles, you could alternately start with Help!) —Chris Ereneta

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