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A Frankenstein movie, but funny. Really, really funny.

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Watch With the Kids: 10+ Common Sense Media: 10+

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Rated PG for: Adult Language, Adult Content, Mild Violence. It’s the sexual innuendo: the roll in the hay, the knockers, the schwanzstucker, some post-coital smoking and more. Plus there are those offscreen let’s-call-them interactions capable of inspiring women to sing “Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life.” (You may recall the movie ends on a callback of that joke.) Kids younger than ten can enjoy the rest of it; up to you the age at which they can either handle the bawdiness or sail comfortably beneath it.

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Zome varm milk... perhaps?

For parents revisiting Young Frankenstein a good deal of the fun is watching the actors hovering this close to losing it, in long takes with no way out. All the classic bits are here: the “sedagive” charades, the blind hermit (Gene Hackman) pouring soup into the monster’s lap, “Puttin’ on the Ritz.” But it’s the performances that endure: the maniacal deadpan of Gene Wilder, the tightly-wound hysteria of Madeline Kahn, the gleeful anarchy of Marty Feldman, the severity of Cloris Leachman's Frau Blücher, and the clipped German precision (and pronunciation) of Kenneth Mars as the mechanical-armed Inspector Kemp. The film does start out slowly, which may not help convince kids coming in wary of the black-and-white. Find clips online to show them in advance, strap them into their chairs, do what you gotta do. Once they’ve seen it they’ll be quoting it for years to come.  —Chris Ereneta

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