Orphaned Movies

Stories about orphans have been told as long as there have been children to listen to them. They transform our deepest fears of being abandoned by our parents (and our dissatisfaction with the limits they place upon us) into fantasies of independence, adventure, and magic. And yet most end with the formation of a new family (or the return of the old one), and the restoration of something that feels like home. —Chris Ereneta

An American Tail


Wewease the secwet weapon. Read more →

The Rescuers


Wh-what can two little mice do? Read more →

A Little Princess (1995)


Beautifully told, with not a drop of pink. Read more →

!-- Film: Meet the Robinsons -->

Meet the Robinsons


Keep moving forward. Read more →



Please, sir. I want some more. Read more →

The Secret Garden (1993)


Mary Lennox didn't know how to cry. Read more →

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